Abrazame Bien… Yes, You. Fridays @ 7:30pm. Last Practica 12/16 7:30-9:00pm!

Dardo says… Abrazame Bien!

And you don’t want to cross Dardo.

We are pleased to announce a new Friday-night practica, hosted by our own DG of DGS.  Open to all levels, this practica is for truly dedicated students.  Students who have spent years of hard work, practice, and perseverance to become great dancers.  Students who know they have it in them to become great dancers, and are ready to put in the hard work, practice and perseverance to improve.  If you have drive, we want you here.  Abrazame Bien is an opportunity to work on your dancing at your own level, in your own time, and with your own focus… show us what you can do, dear students.


Abrazame Bien: Hold me better (most) Fridays, from 7:30pm ‘til the wine ceases to flow and Times Square sleeps.

DGS students: free • Everyone else: $10

Please note:  Tonight 12/16  the practica will only run from 7:30-9:00, but stick around for Glenda Heffer (La Mambera)’s Salsa & Sangria party at 9:45!  Only $5!