Workshops: Walter Perez & Leonardo Sardella – Saturday, Dec. 10th


Malevaje Tango Company Of Buenos Aires & New York City
Presenting… One Couple: Two Leaders, Two Followers

Understand Leading
By understanding what the follower needs

Understand Following
By understanding what the leader wants


Saturday, Dec. 10th

3:00-4:15 • Milonga with Traspie (Intermediate Level)
4:15-4:30 • Guided Practica

4:30-5:45 • Argentine Tango Vals (Intermediate Level)
5:45-6:00 • Guided Practica

Workshop Rates:
1 for $35 / 2 for $60

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Special Workshop with Yamila Viana – Nov. 19th

Saturday November 19th
3:00pm-5:00pm • Workshop: All About the Connection!
Learn to Understand and Communicate with Your Partner – For Both Leaders & Followers (Open Level)
5:00pm-5:30pm • Guided Practica (Included)

It’s not that we don’t want to listen to each other—it’s just that sometimes we don’t know exactly how. This workshop is designed to fine-tune your skill of perceiving what your partner wants and hone your ability to ask for what you need without words.


Rate: $25/online in advance • $30/door
Includes 2-hour workshop
& 1⁄2-hr guided practica
No refunds, transfers or exchanges permitted

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Tango Workshops: Gabriel Misse & Analia Centurión – September 17-25

“I know of no other dancer in any genre today whose footwork is so exciting.”
-on Gabriel Misse, NY Times August 10, 2009

Plus Performance at DGS 9/24 “La Argentina” Milonga!

Saturday September 17th

3:00pm • Tango Technique; Open Level
4:45pm • Tango Turns & Enrosques; Int

Sunday September 18th
6:00pm • Milonga Technique & Combination; Int

Saturday September 24th
3:00pm • Tango Salon; Int
4:45pm • Sequencias de Famous Milongueros; Int

Sunday September 25th
6:00pm • Argentine Vals; Int


All Workshops are 1.5 Hours

Workshop Rates:
1 for $45 / 2 for $85 / 3 for $120 / 4 for $150 / 5 for $185 / 6 for $210


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No Refunds or Exchanges Permitted


Milonga workshops with Oliver Kolker – October 1st and 2nd

“Master of New Generation Milonga”, Oliver Kolker, will be returning to DGS to teach two Milonga workshops in October with a focus on musicality, structure and technique.
Through developing skills, learn to dance the Milonga with no fear – learn to follow and lead enjoying the music.

Saturday October 1st
3:00pm • The Basics – Structure of Milonga (Open Level)
Sunday October 2nd
6:00pm • A Step Beyond – Musicality & Enhanced Skills (Beg/Int)

* It is recommended to take the Saturday “Basics” workshop prior to participating in this workshop.

All Workshops are 2 Hours
Workshop Rates:
$35 advance • $40 door

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No Refunds or Exchanges Permitted

Tango workshops: Pablo Verón October 15th & 16th

Pablo Verón

Dardo Galletto Studios Is Proud to Announce:

Workshops with the famous tango dancer Pablo Veron, star of The Tango Lesson... “Pablo Veron has God’s feet” (Time Out New York ) and is “the best dancer in the world” (Liberation).

Saturday October 15

3:00pm • Tango Turns: Giros & Contragiros; Int

4:45pm • Back Sacadas: Leading & Following; Int

Sunday October 16

6:00pm • Combining Elements in a Sequence; Int

7:45pm • Giros (Turns): Dynamic & Change of Direction; Int

Walk-ins, Couples and Singles welcome!

All Workshops are 1.5 Hours
Workshop Rates:
1 for $50 • 2 for $95 • 3 for $135 • 4 for $170

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No Refunds or Exchanges Permitted


Tango workshops with Silvina Valz – October 22nd & 23rd

Rising tango star Silvina Valz is well known for incorporating many elements of tango in her teaching

Saturday, October 22nd
2:00-4:00pm • Introduction to the Movement, for Men & Women (Open Level)
4:15-5:45pm • Tango Sequence – Mixing Concepts (Int)
Sunday, October 23rd
• First hour: Tango Walking & short sequence
• Second hour: Guided Practica (Open Level)


Workshop Rates:
1 for $45 • 2 for $85 3 for $120
No Refunds or Exchanges Permitted

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Workshops: Junior Cervila & Natalia Royo

Dardo Galletto Studios proudly presents summer tango workshops with Junior Cervila & Natalia Royo.

From the best show, “Tango Argentino”

All workshops are 1.5 hour
1 Workshop $45
2 Worshops$85
3 Workshops $120
Workshops flyer
07/09 3:00pm Close Embrace Sequences (Int)
4:45pm Milonga 2 (Int)
07/10 6:00pm Giros & Enrosques (Int/Adv)
07/16 3:00pm Sacadas y Voleos (Interm)
4:45pm Vals (Open Level)
07/17 6:00pm Paradas & Arrastres (Interm)
07/30 3:00pm Ganchos (Interm)
4:45pm Vals (Interm/Adv)
07/31 6:00pm Colgadas & Volcadas (Int/Adv)

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