The Gift That Keeps on Giving…

Dance gets into your veins.  It’s more than something to do – it’s something to be.  Once you’re a dancer, you don’t stop being a dancer, even if you have lapses in the actual dancing.  A Tango Dancer.  A Salsa Dancer.  A Swing Dancer.  A Dancer, full stop.  It’s a skill; a craft; an art; a way of being.  Dance stays with you.

Think back to when you took your very first dance class.  Did you just randomly wake up one morning and say, “hey – this feels like a good day to learn tango”?  Or were you inspired by someone in your life, whether it be a friend, coworker, significant other, parent, child, street performance?  For many of us, we might not have ever tried had we not had just that little bit of inspiration.  And for many of us, a life without dance is hardly conceivable now.

This is why we think the gift of dance is so meaningful.  It outlasts the orange chocolates, tinsel, or Hanukkah candles.  It outlasts a beach vacation or fancy dinner on the town – lovely as all these things are, they can’t help but eventually fade to memories.  But learn to dance, and you always have somewhere to go.  And instead of trying to recapture old memories, you keep making new ones.  This, we think, is a truly special gift.  For anyone and everyone.

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